2 hidden gems in the Kansas City Chiefs roster for 2021

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The Kanas City Chiefs are without question a Super Bowl contender who is full of talent on both sides of the ball. However, there are still some players in this deep lineup who are important X-factors and could make a huge contribution in their future playoff runs.

These are design candidates with high expectations that can complement the team and also meet some important needs for them. Despite playing the title for the second year in a row, the Chiefs were outdone by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

After their brutal loss, it became clear that they would need to address each other during the off-season. Let’s just say that their draft picks have been a great indicator of what this team is lacking right now. So let’s take a look at the two hidden gems in the Chiefs roster that could break out and cause a stir in the upcoming NFL season.

Creed Humphrey

During the Super Bowl, the Buccaneers revealed the Chiefs’ greatest weakness: a strong offensive line. With the addition of Creed Humphrey, Patrick Mahomes would have top-notch protection from the Big-12’s best offensive linemen for the past two years. At Humphrey, the Chiefs would also get a sturdy center that doesn’t tend to fumble and botch the Snap on crucial games.

Not only would having Humphrey be a logical move for Kansas City, but it would also make their offensive line more efficient and better provide Mahomes with the protection a pro-Bowl-caliber quarterback like him desperately needs. If there’s one hidden gem in this squad that could revive the Chiefs frontline on the offensive, then Creed Humphrey is hands down the man for the job.

It would also be beneficial for the Chiefs to get younger at the center. Then they will be able to provide Mahomes with a tougher snapper that can protect him throughout his career.

Trey Smith

Another great body who could help mitigate the Chiefs mishaps, Trey Smith was a stellar offensive guard in Tennessee and another much-needed enforcer to keep Mahomes from a malicious edge rush or prison bolt during the regular season and playoffs to protect. With Smith’s ability to play both left and right guards, the Chiefs will have highly skilled offensive linemen capable of being on par with some of the most dominant pass rushers in the league.

At 6’6, 331 lbs., Smith’s size and versatility, the Chiefs offer plenty of blocking that creates plenty of openings for big rushes or reliable protection for their receivers in the open field. Adding Smith to the offensive line is a must-have for a Chiefs team struggling to keep their MVP safe for the entire Super Bowl.

Smith would be a stable fix for them on the offensive and would give them a versatile guard who could make the Chiefs front line one of the best in the NFL. Given his power, size, and strength, the Chiefs would get Trey Smith an absolute bargain and keep him for the long term. Not to mention, there are few better places to play than with consecutive AFC Champion Kansas City Chiefs.

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