19 – Cricket South Africa rejected formal Australia offer to host Test series

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A formal offer from Cricket Australia to play next month’s scheduled Test series in Australia was rejected by Cricket South Africa. CA’s interim chief executive Nick Hockley confirmed discussions of the Australia scenario as he explained why the “risk profile” of the tour had become unacceptable even if lavish biosecurity measures were taken.

As reported by ESPNcricinfo, there were discussions between the two boards about potentially shifting the series across the Indian Ocean to Australia, specifically to play it in Perth, where South Africa have long enjoyed a strong record of success.

However, Hockley explained that the proposal fell down largely because CSA argued the extra time and money required for staging the series in Australia would make a range of other commitments impossible for South Africa to fulfil. Talks around a neutral venue such as the UAE were also shot down for similar reasons.

“We’ve been doing an enormous amount of work with CSA and we have last night’s decision, so we’ll work through over the coming weeks and months when we may be able to reschedule the series,” Hockley said. “We did offer to host the series here, but CSA made that very clear that they’ve also got lots of other commitments and with quarantine periods and the like, that wasn’t feasible.

Read more at www.espncricinfo.com

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