14 former employees who launched their own startups

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Commure was founded by Stripe’s former Head of International. The company is building a platform for healthcare applications.

Diede van Lamoen, founder of Commure

Diede van Lamoen

Company: Commure 

What is it: A software development system for healthcare tech.

The company was founded by Diede van Lamoen and Hemant Taneja, in close partnership with General Catalyst, the VC firm that has also backed other healthcare companies such as Livongo, Oscar, Mindstrong, and Color.

“Commure’s tech stack was built as a FHIR-native platform,” Hemant Taneja, Managing Director of General Catalyst, wrote in a Medium post announcing Commure’s mission in February 2020. FHIR is an open API standard specific for healthcare that’s supported by major technology vendors serving the healthcare industry and the US government.

Who is the founder: Diede van Lamoen was previously CEO of Commure and is currently still a board member. Before founding Commure in 2017, he was head of international at Stripe, helping to scale Stripe’s product, team and operations to two dozen countries, according to his LinkedIn profile.

“The trick to quickly building software in difficult regulated spaces, is to structure deep, substantive partnerships with the industry rather than moving fast and breaking things. Working from first principles is good, but there is real acceleration in coupling Silicon Valley innovation with industry know-how,” van Lamoen tells Insider.

Read more at www.businessinsider.com

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