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100+ female VC partners in Europe: the complete list


There aren’t enough female VC partners in Europe — we’re still a long way from gender parity at VC firms — but there are more than you might think.

Today, for the first time, our team at Sifted — with the help of many readers on Twitter — have compiled a comprehensive list of Europe’s 100+ female VC partners. 

We plan to regularly update this resource and, crucially, use it to track how the representation of women in the senior ranks of VCs develops over the coming years.

While European VCs continue to raise larger and larger funds, the number of women who have been promoted or hired to senior investment positions remains abysmally low. The most recent survey by the British Venture Capital Association found that women held just 13% of senior investment roles in VC firms in the UK, while a study on funding in the CEE region found that 81% of funds in the region had no female general partners.

This list does not include venture, operational or investor relations partners, or corporate venture organisations. 

If there is anyone missing from this list, or anything is wrong, please let us know by email at [email protected]

Find the full list of over 130 women VC partners below — but first, we profile 15 of the women who have started their own VC firms across the region. 

Reshma Sohoni, managing partner, Seedcamp (London, UK)

When Reshma Sohoni founded Seedcamp way back in the depths of the 00s, she sowed the seeds of the European venture capital scene we know today. She’s invested in — and been a part of — the growth of many of Europe’s best-known startups, including TransferWise, UiPath, Revolut and Hopin. She’s also not afraid to speak out about the industry’s flaws, as when she wrote about the challenges of juggling motherhood and a career as a VC for Sifted. 

Marie Ekeland, founder of 2050

Marie Ekeland, founding partner, 2050 (Paris, France)

In the world of French tech, Marie Ekeland is a big deal. In part, that’s thanks to having invested in some big deals — notably Criteo — and having started not one, but two VC firms of her own. After making her name at deeptech VC Elaia, she launched Daphni in 2015, a self-confessed “venture capital mutant” and one of Europe’s first firms to truly embrace VC-as-a-platform. In 2019, she left and is now building 2050, an impact-focused fund with an unusual financial structure. (More on that here.

Kinga Stanislawska, managing general partner, Experior Venture Partners (Warsaw, Poland)

Kinga Stanislawska wears many hats. As partner at Experior Venture Partners she invests in deeptech startups, while as founder of European Women in VC, a group of senior VC professionals, she advocates for more diversity in the industry. (A recent report from European Women in VC found that the amount of funding heading to all-female founding teams in the CEE region actually dropped from 2018 to 2020.) On top of that, she’s a committee member of the European Innovation Council Fund. 

Inka Mero, managing partner, Voima Ventures (Helsinki, Finland)

Inka Mero got started early in the world of venture capital; by the age of 24, she was managing the investments of the telecom company Sonera in Tel Aviv. She has since gone on to become one of the best-known members of the Finnish ecosystem and seen it all from the perspective of investor and entrepreneur; she raised money for two of her startups while she was pregnant. She has cofounded seven startups and invested in more than 20 over the past decade as an angel investor. And, when she founded the multistage fund Voima Ventures in 2019, she became the first ever female founder and managing partner of a Nordic deeptech fund. 

Judith Dada and Jeannette zu Fürstenberg, partner and founding partner, La Famiglia (Berlin, Germany)

There aren’t many female VC partners in Germany, making La Famiglia even more notable for having two. Its founding partner, Jeannette zu Fürstenberg, brought on Judith Dada as partner when she raised the firm’s second fund of €50m. They’re focused on investing in B2B startups, and have an enviable contact book of corporate clients and investors that they can introduce them to.

Hekla Arnardottir, Helga Valfells and Jenny Ruth Hrafnsdottir, founding partners, Crowberry Capital (Reykjavik, Iceland)

These three NSA Ventures investors had worked together for a decade before they struck out on their own to found early-stage firm Crowberry in 2017. The fund invests in Nordic companies. According to the firm, the team has “managed over 60 technology startups, negotiated over 15 exits and made over 30 seed investments” in their careers. 

Heidi Lindvall, general partner, Pale Blue Dot (Malmo, Sweden)

Before founding Pale Blue Dot, a climate tech VC firm, Heidi Lindvall cofounded several startups and worked for several accelerators. Now, she’s joined forces with Hampus Jakobsson and Joel Larrson to prove that investing in companies that have a positive climate impact is good for the bottom line as well as the planet. 

Elina Berrebi and Alice Albizzati, founding partners, Gaia Capital Partners (Paris, France)

Elina Berrebi and Alice Albizzati are two experienced growth investors who came together to launch growth-stage fund Gaia Capital Partners in 2019. Berrebi was at Eurazeo, known for investments such as Farfetch, Vestiaire Collective and Doctolib. Albizzati was a private equity investor who also worked on Verlinvest’s consumer growth team.  

Cristina Fonseca, partner, Indico Capital (Lisbon, Portugal)

When Indico Capital closed its first fund of €54m in 2020, it was a first for Lisbon — which had no local VCs until then. But it’s not cofounder Cristina Fonseca’s first rodeo. She’s also cofounder of Portuguese unicorn Talkdesk, which is credited — along with companies like Farfetch, Unbabel and Codacy — with kickstarting the Portuguese startup scene. 

Janneke Niessen and Eva de Mol, founding partners, CapitalT (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

This entrepreneur and investor duo launched seed-stage fund CapitalT in 2020. Eva De Mol is an experienced technology investor with a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley. Janneke Niessen is a serial entrepreneur, investor and advocate for diversity in technology. She was named a  ‘founder-turned-investor to watch’ earlier this year.

The full list of female VC partners in Europe


Elina Halatcheva, managing partner at BrightCap Ventures

Irina Dimitrova, partner, LAUNCHub Ventures

Zlatolina Mukova, managing partner, NEVEQ Capital Partners


Thea Messel, founder and managing partner at Unconventional Ventures

Ulla Brockenhuus-Schack, founder and managing partner at Seed Capital

Christel Piron, general partner and cofounder at PreSeed Ventures

Helle Uth, general partner and cofounder at PreSeed Ventures


Inka Mero, founder and managing partner at Voima Ventures

Ekaterina Gianelli, partner, Inventure 


Marie Ekeland, founder at 2050

Alice Zagury, CEO at The Family

Elina Berrebi, founding partner at Gaia Capital Partners

Alice Albizzati, founding partner at Gaia Capital Partners

Sofia Hmich, founder at Future Positive Capital

Litzie Maarek, managing partner at Educapital

Marie-Christine Levet, partner at Educapital

Pia d’Iribarne, managing partner and founder at New Wave VC

Fleur Pellerin, founder at Korelya Capital

Anne-Sophie Carrese, partner, Elaia Partners

Samantha Jerusalemy, partner, Elaia Partners

Pauline Roux, partner, Elaia Partners 

Valentine Baudouin, partner, Founders Future

Sarah Corne, partner, Founders Future 

Catherine Boule, managing partner, Karista

Celia Hart, general partner at Supernova Invest

Maina Bhaman, partner at Sofinnova Partners

Henrijette Richter, managing partner at Sofinnova Partners

Rania Belkahia, deal partner, EQT Ventures


Judith Dada, general partner at La Famiglia

Jeannette zu Fürstenberg, founding partner at La Famiglia

Verena Alice Sturm, partner at AvestuCapital

Marie Wennergren, partner, FlyVentures 

Marie-Helene Ametsreiter, general partner, Speedinvest

Regina Hodits, managing partner at Wellington Partners Life Sciences


Veronika Pistyur, general partner at Oktogon Ventures


Jenny Ruth Hrafnsdottir, founding partner at Crowberry Capital

Hekla Arnardottir, founding partner at Crowberry Capital

Helga Valfells, founding partner at Crowberry Capital


Debbie Rennick, general partner at Act Venture Capital

Elaine Coughlan, managing partner and cofounder at Atlantic Bridge

Helen McBreen, partner at Atlantic Bridge  

Ena Prosser, partner at Fountain Healthcare Partners

Nicola McClafferty, partner at Draper Esprit

The Netherlands

Janneke Niessen, cofounder at CapitalT

Eva de Mol, managing partner at CapitalT

Pauline Wink-Zaanen, managing partner and cofounder at 4Impact


Kinga Stanislawska, managing general partner and cofounder at Experior Ventures

Ewa Chronowska, partner at Next Road Ventures

Diana Koziarska, founding partner at SMOK Ventures

Joanna Zielinska, CEO and cofounder at Black Swan

Kasia Wierzbowska, cofounder at Black Swan

Marzena Bielecka, managing partner, Experior Ventures 

Iwona Cymerman, managing partner, FundingBox Deep Tech Fund


Cristina Fonseca, venture partner at Indico Capital Partners


Clara Campus, managing partner and cofounder at Asabys Partners

Marta-Gaia Zanchi, managing partner and founder at Nina Capital

Verónica Trapa Díaz-Obregón, managing director at Swanlaab Ventures

Maite Fibla Gasparin, managing partner and cofounder at Ship2B Ventures

Carina Szpilka, general partner and cofounder at K Fund

Helena Torras, managing partner and cofounder at Seastainable Capital

Merce Tell, managing partner at Nekko Capital 

Lourdes Alvarez de Toledo, partner at JME Venture Capital

Sonia Fernandez, partner at Kibo Ventures 

Adriana Freitas, partner at Muster Ventures 


Heidi Lindvall, general partner at Pale Blue Dot

Nora Bavey, general partner at Unconventional VC

Susanne Najafi, founding partner at Backing Minds

Sara Wimmercranz, founding partner at Backing Minds

Katja Bergman, general partner and cofounder at BRIGHTLY Ventures

Kerstin Cooley, managing partner at BRIGHTLY Ventures

Sophia Bendz, partner at Cherry Ventures 

Jessica Schultz, partner at Northzone

Tove Larsson, general partner at Norrsken VC 

Agate Freimane, general partner at Norrsken VC 

Bodil Sidén, partner at blq invest 

Sabina Wizander, partner, Creandum 


Barbara Fischer, partner at Arena Ventures

Aleksandra Laska, partner at Redalpine

Ashley Lundström, partner at EQT Ventures 


Rina Onur Sirinoglu, general partner at 500 Istanbul


Check Warner, managing partner at Ada Ventures

Reshma Sohoni, founding partner at Seedcamp

Ophelia Brown, founding partner at Blossom Capital

Carmen Rico, partner, Blossom Capital 

Sitar Teli, managing partner at Connect

Eileen Burbidge, founding partner at Passion Capital

Malin Posern, partner at Passion Capital 

Maren Bannon, managing partner at January VC

Camilla Dolan, founding partner at Eka Ventures

Charmaine Hayden, partner at Good Soil VC

Leila Zegna, founding general partner at Kindred

Maria Palma, general partner at Kindred 

Carolina Brochado, founding partner at EQT Growth

Ella Goldner, cofounder at Zinc VC

Fiona Pathiraja, managing partner at Christa Galli Ventures

Alice Bentinck, cofounder at Entrepreneur First

Anne Glover, CEO and cofounder at Amadeus Capital

Amelia Armour, partner at Amadeus Capital 

Alice Newcombe-Ellis, managing partner and founder at Ahren Innovation Capital

Kerry Baldwin, managing partner and cofounder at IQ Capital

Anya Navidski, founding partner at Voulez Capital

Karen McCormick, chief investment officer at Beringea

Luciana Lixandru, partner at Sequoia

Sonali De Rycker, partner at Accel

Itxaso del Palacio, partner at Notion

Suzanne Ashman, general partner at LocalGlobe

Megumi Ikeda, managing director at Hearst Ventures 

Julia Hawkins, general partner at LocalGlobe

Katie Marrache, partner at JamJar 

Carina Namih, partner at Episode 1 Ventures 

Evgenia Plotnikova, partner at Dawn Capital 

Melanie Hayes, partner at Bethnal Green Ventures 

Cleo Sham, partner at Stride.VC

Irina Haivas, partner at Atomico 

Sasha Astafyeva, partner at Atomico 

Katya Almasque, general partner at OpenOcean

Marina Gorey, general partner at The Fund 

Lucile Cornet, partner at Eight Roads 

Laurel Bowden, partner at 83North

Min Teo, managing investments partner at ConsenSys Mesh

Irena Goldenberg, general partner at Highland Capital Partners

Tara Reeves, partner at OMERS Ventures

Candice Lo, venture partner at Moonfire 

Oksana Stowe, partner at Redrice Ventures

Vica Manos, partner at Anthemis 

Ruth Foxe Blader, partner at Anthemis 

Lauren Lentz, partner at Revent 

Emily Brooke, partner at Revent 

Rana Yared, partner at Balderton Capital 

Rebecca Hunt, investor at Octopus Ventures 

Pooja Sikka, partner at Octopus Ventures 

Amy Lewin is Sifted’s deputy editor. Follow her on Twitter @amyrlewin and let her know if there is anyone missing from this list.


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